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About Us posted by admin on March 18, 2011

A Miami Boutique Hotel…

with A Taste of New York in the South Florida Sun

In the summer of 2009, husband and wife team Walter and Shirley Figueroa set out to open the first boutique hotel in Miami’s Modern Architectural District (also known as MiMo). The New Yorker Boutique Hotel is set in a classic Miami motel from the 1950s and has been in their family for 30 years. Shirley’s father, who immigrated to Miami from Cuba after the Cuban revolution bought the motel back in 1980 from the original owners and since then has made a living renting out the rooms to anyone looking for affordable accommodations in Miami.

Over the last five years, however, the Miami Modern Architectural District has been experiencing a Renaissance with the opening of several high end restaurants run by world renowned chefs, boutique shops, fitness centers, spas and much more. It is quickly becoming the popular area of Miami for those looking for an authentic taste of the city rather than the tourist traps of South Beach. Just a few blocks north of Miami’s popular Design District, the Figueroa’s decided that the time was right for a high end boutique hotel to cater to those travelers who found themselves spending most of their evenings in the design district and having to drive back to South Beach or Brickell.

Doing most of the work on the hotel themselves, Walter and Shirley took out loans, called in favors from friends and turned the original New Yorker Motel into a modern comfortable design hotel. The original building was designed in 1953 by Norman Giller, who was famous for his profound influence on the post World War II modern architectural movement in Miami. It is now protected by the city of Miami’s Historic Preservation Board and the original New Yorker Motel neon signs remain on the building.

But within the shell of this classic motel awaits an inviting boutique hotel experience. The building has been painted with the New Yorker’s signature white and powder blue colors. The 50 guest rooms are all brand new and the pool area is decorated with comfortable outdoor furniture. At night the hotel glows with Indigo Blue lights. Over the next six months, the Figueroa’s will be adding poolside villas, a bar and creating an ambience that will make your stay in Miami truly unique and unforgettable.